Custom Wood Mouldings

Hardwood Mouldings

Producing the highest quality hardwood mouldings for your project is our main focus. Every job is essentially a custom job, and our goal is to supply the profile and wood species that you, or your clients want and need. The Moulding Source catalogue offers over one thousand profiles to choose from base, casing, tongue and groove paneling, crown, handrail, panel moulding, bar rail, and many others. Of course, we can easily create custom templates and knives to match any design or existing moulding. Most of the time, all of this can happen in days, not weeks. We also keep almost 200 commonly used profiles in stock.

Hardwood Flooring

The Moulding Source, Inc., will supply most wood species in any width, and length up to 16 feet. We believe that every beautiful space begins with fine hardwood flooring.

Half-rounds, Ellipticals, and Other Shapes

We can produce curved mouldings in almost any profile you can imagine. These mouldings are hand cut, using like-grained stock. All of our curved mouldings are special order, but, when it's a profile we stock, the delivery time is usually under two weeks. The old world quality will impress you, and the price will please you.

Thru Flutes and Stop Flutes

The Moulding Source, Inc. can fill your needs for stop-fluted panels, for use as columns, casing, or any other architectural element. We also have several sizes and styles of thru-fluted straight and radius mouldings.

Template and Grinding Division

Our in house capability allows us to quickly, cost effectively, make templates, and grind knives to any specifications. Some of our best clients are other businesses that sell moulding, because they find it more efficient to order their knives from The Moulding Source, Inc. Please visit our Template Making and Grinding Division page.

We love wood, the look and individuality of every board. We love wood. It shows in our products. You can see the difference. We love wood.